Brand New Product Release: PERFECT CRAFT™ CRAFT KITS

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This new line of four different craft kits is a fun way to spend quality family time, create functional art, and produce personalized gifts!

June 19, 2017 --- Anaheim, CA --- Skullduggery, a family owned and operated toy company that has been manufacturing craft kits and toys since 1987, is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new line of award winning craft kits for kids called Perfect Craft™. These hands-on crafts are the perfect family fun designed to foster imagination, conversation and creativity.

The four different kits include, the Alphabet Casting Kit, the Heart Keepsake Box Kit, the Herb Garden Kit and the Flower Garden Kit. Creative Child Magazine has awarded the Alphabet Kit with the prestigious 2017 Product of the Year Award & the 2017 Creative Play Award, and the Heart Box Kit with the 2017 Preferred Choice Award and the 2017 Creative Play Award.

“Craft kits have been a staple for us for decades, and demand for hands-on crafts has never been higher,” says Stephen Koehl, president of Skullduggery. “With the proliferation of digital games and toys, I think parents are more and more aware how vital it is to offer their kids entertaining and compelling alternatives to computer games. And, the beauty of Perfect Craft™ is that after the project is completed, kids will have a functional piece of art that they created from their own imaginations.”

Other best-selling crafts currently available from Skullduggery, include the Smithsonian Mold & Paint Craft Kits, the Eyewitness Cast & Paint line as well as Perfect Series of Crafting Materials for customized molding and casting needs.

Perfect Craft Alphabet Kit

*Includes high quality, reusable, rubber molds, paint and paint brush

*Cast, paint, and display your name or favorite phrase

*Includes enough Perfect Cast to cast 26 letters

*Cost: $19.99

Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit

*Includes a high quality, reusable, rubber mold, paint, paint brush, and decorative adhesive-backed felt

*Cast and decorate your own heart-shaped keepsake box

*Includes enough Perfect Cast to cast two high-quality keepsakes

*Cost: $19.99

Perfect Craft Herb Garden & Flower Garden Kits

*Includes quality, reusable, rubber mold, paint, paint brush, stencils, soil pellet & seeds

*Cast and decorate your own flower/herb garden pot

*Includes enough Perfect Cast to cast 2 flower pots

*Cost: $19.99


Skullduggery has been manufacturing craft kits and toys in Southern California since 1987.Our product lines have been designed to appeal to specialty toy-lovers throughout the world. Unique twists on classic toys, exciting packaging, and US manufacturing tempt children and parents alike. We have built upon established licenses such as Smithsonian, Ford, and General Motors to enhance our own educational and racing brands. Education and entertainment are Skullduggery’s chief product design motivations.