5 Star Blogger Reviews for the Max Flex RC Line of Racing Products

Bloggers Review

Max Flex RC Blaze Flexible Track System is definitely one of the coolest car toys

around! Easy to use and customize, kids of all ages will have tons of fun! The Max

Flex Blaze Flexible Track Set has been a huge hit! The kids play with it every single

day. And even though I’m often fishing the tiny car out from under the couch, I

must admit I have been having just as much fun playing with it myself. The

glowing track is kind of mesmerizing and as my kids say “Super Cool!”

Momma’s Little Reviews

Upon opening the Max Flex RC set, I noticed that the pieces were extremely easy

to lock together. This was awesome since my daughter is so independent. She

created a simple circle track using two pieces of orange and two pieces of blue.

Since the pieces of track are bendable, she was able to make her circle track more

of an oval shape. When she first started pressing the remote, her car would circle

extremely slow. Once I explained to her that the car was designed to stay on the

track, she had it going full speed in no time! No complicated buttons, all she had

to do was pull the trigger and the car followed the track.

Kelly’s Thoughts On Things

The Max Flex RC 250 Blaze Edition is pretty fun. I’ve always been a fan of race sets

since I was a little girl. This lightweight race set is good because it brings together

children of all ages and adults to enjoy this cool experience. Everyone’s favorite

part was watching the race car blaze streaks of light across the glow-in-the-dark

tracks due to the Light Tracing Technology. The track pieces are flexible making it

easy to set up the system and it’s durable as well. Another good point is that this

race set allows for independence, as a child could definitely build the racetrack on

their own. Perfect for safe, unsupervised fun if the parents/guardians need to

step out for a moment.

Mom Does Reviews

Hands on activities that include fun and learning have always been my favorite

tools for teaching our little ones. The Skullduggery craft kits take fun and learning

to a new level. “We built a skeleton” yells one of the little ones! We learned about

endangered species from around the world as we put together a puzzle. This

exercise spun off into us spending the day looking up the different animals and

learning more about them and their habitat. These kits are the spark needed to

ignite the interest and love in learning new and exciting things. They really should

be in your Summer Fun plans.

Bloggers Review

My kids really enjoyed arranging the design of the stone, mixing the casting and

watching it harden to finally complete the stepping stone with paint. It was a lot

of fun on a rainy day to create something that focused our attention on a fond

memory. With virtually no mess and the length of time being less than two hours

to complete, this Skullduggery crafting kit is a great project to try or give away as

a gift. Thinking outside the box when it comes to preserving memories is a great

way for that memory to last. And using a craft kit such as perfect stones stepping

stones craft kit, is just perfect!

Mom Knows Best

When I saw the Skullduggery stepping stone casting kit, I was thinking about how

great it would look in my yard. I was glad that the boys wanted to make a

stepping stone for me. I really loved that the kit came with everything to make

the stepping stone. The step by step instructions made it easy for my boys to

create the stepping stone. The kit included lots of stickers so the boys could make

a stone with hearts and butterflies as they know they are my favorite. The boys

were able to mix up the casting material by themselves in the included bag. All

they had to do was add water to the plastic bag and knead it together. The

material was easy to pour in the mold and it only took an hour to dry. After the

stepping stone dried, the boys had fun painting it. The boys made me a cool

stepping stone that we placed in the front yard for all to see.

Bloggers Review

My son loves all things cars and he absolutely loves Skullduggery's Max Traxxx

Max Flex RC 250 Blaze Edition. The track is super easy to set up and comes with

pieces to make bridges and ramps to make it even more fun. One of my son's

favorite things about this track is that the track actually lights up for a few

seconds where the car has been, kinda leaving a trail of light that looks super cool.

My son is totally in love with Skullduggery's Max Traxxx Max Flex RC 250 Blaze

Edition and even his three older sisters love to take turns playing with it!

Parenting In Progress

The Max Flex sets are awesome because the track allows you to twist and bend

your course any way you please with their flexible designs. The best part though

is the glow in the dark! Your kiddos are going to love seeing the cars fly around a

track with lights that glow making the car look like it is leaving a track of glow in

its wake. It’s super cool!

Dream Team Toys Review

My 5-year-old had the Skullduggery Max Flex track set up and going so many

different ways, it was awesome! My boys tend to get really frustrated if

something is hard or challenging to put together, so this was really an easy set for

them to figure out. The tracks also have connectors so they can connect to just

about any other brand of track, which is super super cool! These things REALLY

zoom, I was shocked!

Bloggers Review

I can barely peel my boys away from the Max Flex 300 RC set. Kids get max fun

with this race track toy that is 100% customizable! The 300 flexible track pieces

snap together, and the lanes and bridges use a simple tongue/groove connection

that’s easy for little hands. Now that I’ve seen my kids playing with this race track

toy, I can appreciate the open-ended play concept behind this set. Kids are in

control of design from step one. The track set is even compatible with other

brand sets like LEGO bricks and other car track toys. My boys used their wooden

building blocks to create a steep hill for their cars to race down! At one point,

they added all their dinosaur toys to create a dino obstacle course! The flexible

race tracks allow imaginative design to the max. In fact, one track design can be

altered various ways just by nudging the flexible tracks into a different curvy

shape. It’s pretty wild!

Bloggers Review

The track is easy to set up right out of the box. We were able to set up some basic

tracks to start with and then build on to them to make the race more challenging

as we got the hang of these RC racers. I love that the cars can be stored on the

top of the controllers, keeping everything together, and that the car/controller

has an auto-off feature when it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes – extending the

already great battery life. Racing the cars is a ton of fun, with the controllers being

responsive and working really well. These little cars are fast! Things got really fun

when we started shutting out the lights. The track itself glows in the dark, and

once the cars starts racing the small light under each RC car leaves bright neon

streaks behind them as they drive. The result is a really cool looking display and

an extra exciting race! We have clocked countless hours playing with this set

already. My kids love RC cars and race tracks and the MaxFlex RC just adds so

much fun to the experience thanks to the flexible track and light streaking racers!

This is definitely one toy I see getting years worth of use from!

Bloggers Review

The Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition race tracks are amazing! As fondly as I recall

rainy afternoons spent with relatives and friends playing being entertained by the

loopy tracks, I can also say that I’m beyond impressed with the advances in

technology that makes the Max Flex RC 300 as crazy entertaining as it is. If you’re

on the hunt for engaging, innovative and entertaining toys for your kiddos, I

would definitely suggest heading over to the Skullduggery site and checking them

out. Skullduggery knows their stuff about creating family oriented toys, games

and more! These race car sets are wonderful!


My kids were really excited when Skullduggery sent us the Max Flex RC race set.

The flexible segments of Max Flex RC actually take it up a notch being able take

them apart to increase or decrease their size as well as allow for the creation of a

crisscross pattern that creates a super looking glow-in-the-dark effect. In addition

to the glowing track, the toy cars also project light rays down from their

undercarriage which leaves a blaze of color behind them, day or night, that is a

really impressive. The Max Flexc RC track sets get A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

These cool little RC cars from Skullduggery are equipped with lights on the

undercarriage that leave glowing trails on the track. Plus, you can get enough

track to create 2 lanes so kids can design a course around the furniture and race

each other. The Max Flex RC 300 makes 25 feet of track which can be taken apart

at any segment, so you have complete control over the layout and design of your

track. We even got a circle to fit on our Christmas tree train platform!

Bloggers Review

When we received the Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition Racing set, my girls, their

father, and even my little guy were excited to get racing! The girls took the lead in

setting up the race track, and even exclaimed that they can finally put together

tracks! These tracks were super easy to lock in place. The girls favorite part of the

Max Flex RC Racing set was the light up tracks. As the cars speed through the

tracks, they leave behind a lit trail. They thought it was magical and would forego

actual racing just to see the trails light up. My middle daughter said that this set is

something Santa probably has in his workshop because all the kids will want it this

year! I have to agree with her as we had an awesome time playing together. My

kids have had this set for about a month, and it comes out often during play time

and creates a lot of excitement.

Bloggers Review

The Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition is really an amazing toy. Your RC cars fan will

LOVE it. Possibly the coolest track system ever, Max Flex allows you to build a big

track – over 25 feet in total length! – and to change the twists and curves of the

flexible track on the fly!

Bloggers Review

RC race tracks and car sets are not just for kids—adults get in on the fun too! With

Skullduggery’s Max Flex set, racers can assemble the track pieces in an almost

endless variety of ways to make each race exciting and new. The pieces are made

to simply clip together for easy arranging and rearranging. We found it very easy.

Testing out different hairpin turns and straight-aways is half the fun! Then they

kids would disassemble and reassemble for another race.

Bloggers Review

We really like the Max Traxxx race tracks because they are easy to play with,

assemble easily and they come apart easily so kids can play independently. We

love the satisfaction of seeing our kids be able to play and accomplish their goals

on their own with minimal help. There are no plugs or adapters that make this

track "GO". The set can go to sleepovers, grandparents, aunt, and uncles,

anywhere. It's an awesome way to get kids playing.

Bloggers Review

The Skullduggery Max Flex 300 RC track is the most incredible one I have ever

seen or used. The race track is completely awesome…When you turn out the

lights you can see the cars streaking around the track leaving a trail of lights. It is

so much more fun in the dark.

Emily Reviews

The Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition is an amazing racetrack. It can be adapted to

accommodate the beginning racer as well as challenge a more experienced racer.

It’s a toy that is more than just a toy. It’s a great experience for the entire family.

This racetrack brings modern technology with it. The two Tracer Racers have light

rays that shoot from beneath the vehicle onto the track. That’s not all…you can

turn off the lights in the room and the entire track will glow. You’ll find yourself

wanting to play with this as much as the kiddos in the family. This is a toy parents

may want to play with after the little ones go to bed because odds are the kids

won’t want to give up the controllers while they’re awake!

Bloggers Review

As we were racing our Max Flex 300 RC set, we found that it was so easy to

change the speed of the cars, as it all depends on the pressure you place on the

trigger of the remote, and I don’t think this will be hard for my 3 year old to figure

out. If you pull the remote trigger all the way, the cars go SO fast!! My favorite

feature was the glow in the dark aspect. As the cars drive around the track, they

leave streaks that glow, and so it looks like they are leaving temporary, glowing

tire marks on the track. I was really impressed to see this.

Bloggers Review

Finally, grownups and kids can have their car and race it too, at the same time!

The Max Flex RC 300 race track is hours of fun, and now my son can combine both

tracks to create an even larger track. My son has a hidden room within his

bedroom that he can close the sliding door to create a completely dark area to

see the tracks glow. My younger two children will disappear in there for hours

playing on these race tracks.

Bloggers Review

With the Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition, I’ve been having just as much fun as the

kids. In fact, if the truth be told, when the kids are at school, I’ve been practicing

to race against them. If you’re looking for a gift the entire family can play with,

this is it. The Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition is not gender specific, the girls enjoy

it equally as much as Tyler does. It creates imaginative play and there are so many

ways the kids can set up the track, it’s like having a new toy every day. The entire

set is really well made and I like that the kids can switch up the colors, make

bridges and loops and really just use their imagination to get crazy with this set.

From Moms to Grandmas

The Max Flex set is an awesome looking track. This new flexible race track is

definitely not your normal race track. It has over 25 ft of customized track that is

flexible for those curves and twists. This is amazing. My kids and my husband give

this awesome new track set thumbs up. We think it has great features, was made

using the best materials and it is so fun. We would recommend this for your

racing fan!