2017 Made In The USA Catalog – Kickstarter Campaign

The 2017 MADE IN THE USA CATALOG is an incredible, one-of-a-kind, 500+ page, full color, professionally designed, PRINT catalog, showcasing products made in the USA by American made companies and artisans.

It's simply a great collection of products, made by your neighbors and the neighbors of our friend Matt Wiedbrauk, creator of the catalog and founder of AmeriWay, USA. Matt is a great guy, with tremendous passion to make this a reality!! It is not only great for gift giving ideas, it is a great gift in and of itself.

There is nothing else out there like this catalog, and Matt has secured participation from many companies including Skullduggery. In it you’ll find everything from USA made toys to clothing to unique gifts and crafts. Everyone says they want to support American Made products, and this is your opportunity to make good on that promise.

Matt is asking for your backing to see it through these final stages. Designing and printing a catalog of this size takes commitment. He has all the cooperation necessary and he is down to the funding. Here is the link to his Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstart Goal: $70,000, which includes:

professional design



related campaign fees

The majority of that budget directly relates to the design and print related expenses. He has been able to nearly cut the design budget in half using a local graphic design team, but it is still large. His print quotes are based mostly on quantity, so a slight move can have a big affect. He needs momentum, so words count. Please help us help Matt spread those words however you see fit.