We have been molding and casting artifacts for over 30 years. We have crafted museum quality molds and casts of rare fossils from some of the most famous museum collections in the world. During this time, we have worked with many different molding and casting mediums: silicone, latex, alginate, resin, polycarbonate, urethane, plaster, gypsum cement, and others.

Perfect Craft is a line of complete kits to make a variety of collectables, including hand, flower pot, heart box, stepping stones, alphabet letters, dinosaur skeletons, animals, ocean life, etc. These kits are a great introduction to crafting. Great hands-on projects that don’t require electronics, but require crafters to use their imaginations and create personalized collectables that they can be proud of.

To simplify things for novice mold and cast makers, our master mold makers have formulated the Perfect Series of molding and casting materials. This series consists of safe, easy, and reliable powders, that when mixed with water, produce high quality molds and casts.

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