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"I never had something that cool when I was a kid!!!" ~ TOY REVIEW

Posted by Luke Goldstein @DisorderlyNews on

Ever since having my first child, I’ve found myself giving voice to the cliche, “I never had something that cool when I was a kid.” That came up once again when I unboxed the Max Traxxx Tracer Racers by Skullduggery.

So many of us grew up with Hot Wheels tracks, and if we were lucky we made it through our childhood without getting into whip fights with the tracks. Those stung like you wouldn’t believe. So on first look I didn’t imagine this toy would be that amazing, but I was glad to be mistaken.

You notice right away with the Max Traxxx Tracer Racers that the tracks glow in the dark, which is cool in itself, but the cars are specially built with incredibly intense LED lights underneath. There are three different settings: slow blink, fast blink, and solid.

A quick warning, parents: Once you click the car light on, do not look directly at it. You’re not going to lose your soul or anything like that, but you will be blinded for a few seconds. They were not messing around with the brightness levels on these cars. Your kids will likely do the same thing, but they’ll learn fast enough not to.

The lights are so intense so that when the cars race down the track and through the one loop, bright illuminated streaks trail behind them. My son was used to Matchbox-sized cars well before playing with this, but once we turned off the lights and turned the cars on, his mouth dropped open. He was truly amazed.

It’s extremely simple to set up. Those of us who played with all those tracks when we were young can do it without thinking. Skullduggery improved on the old-style tracks by adding two small suction cups and doorknob hangers, so you can attach the tracks to a regular door or a sliding glass door to create your opening drop.

The Max Traxxx Tracer Racers set by Skullduggery is a solid reminder of our youth that also cleverly updates old-style cars and tracks with a cool twist for today. It’s available at ToysRUs and Amazon.

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