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For over 25 years, Skullduggery has produced and distributed museum quality fossil replicas to museums and natural history enthusiasts throughout the world.  The majority of replicas manufactured by Skullduggery are molded from original fossil material housed at major museums throughout the country.  From original specimen, we create a detailed mold and then hand-cast a full-size replica.  Our proprietary molding and casting process duplicates the intricate details of the original with remarkable accuracy; the sutures, muscle origins, and fine cranial pitting is clearly visible.  Educational booklets are provided for most of our replicas.
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  1. Human Male Skull Antique Finish
  2. T-Rex Skull Large W/Stand
  3. Human Male Skull W/Stand Antique Finish
  4. American Lion W/Stand - Tarpit Finish
  5. Utahraptor Claw

    Utahraptor Claw

  6. Saber Tooth Tiger Skull W/Stand - Tarpit Finish
  7. Saber Tooth Cat Tooth
  8. 5 In Crinoid

    5 In Crinoid

  9. T-Rex Skull Small

    T-Rex Skull Small

  10. H. Habilis Cranium

    H. Habilis Cranium

  11. 4 In Ammonite

    4 In Ammonite

  12. Neandertal Cranium

    Neandertal Cranium

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